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How to make upselling and grow the “happiness level” of your customers

Good to see you again! What good happened with your partner – the website?

What did you do better for it?

We will continue this article in which we want to give some tips and tricks that will convert your visitors into leads..

Lately my inbox is full with newsletters. From some I will unsubscribe because they became annoying and I receive them daily. Others come less often, I don’t wait for them especially however they make me curious, anxious about opening them and I can hardly wait to read them.

There are newsletters and newsletters

The good part is the fact that if you set a good strategy for email marketing, based on good and relevant content for your audience and you set a frequency of sending them reasonably you can fully enjoy the rewards of this advertising channel.

So what we are advising is to gather all the email addresses from your website visitors. Well you will say that not everybody is willing to give their email address. You’re absolutely right, however if you’re offer them something in exchange for their email address, definitely things will change.

What is the handiest thing to offer in exchange for an email address that will be really useful and appreciated? Depends on what is your website all about:

  • If you are an online store platform you can offer a discount voucher
  • If you promote online services you can offer a free ebook with relevant information about the benefits of the service
  • You can make promises to inform your audience about: promotions, events, contests
  • Or you can offer anything that answer specific needs to your website visitors.

All of these actions successfully attract leads.

Come back to us and we will provide you with an email marketing campaign.
You will start to communicate straight with your customers, and with interested people in your product or service.

Let them talk: Your clients know you better.

In online, proof management is very important to increase confidence in your brand. Robert Cialdini said it best: When we have a decision, we tend to imitate others. This way we are sure that we will not go wrong with our choice.

How can this principle be used online?

  1. By including the stories on the website – testimonies of those who purchased your products / services. Testimonials are proof of confidence.
  2. By including on website comments, reviews. If you have an online store, they are reliable evidence that can influence the decision of potential visitors.
  3. Through product recommendations – other products bought by people on your online store.
  4. By presenting case studies on the website – this is a great way if you sell services.

Optimize your website with reliable evidence! Request testimonials and feedback from your clients. In fact, be active in your relationship with your audience.

It’s also a proof that you care about their opinion and also is a method of loyalty programs.

We are here and together we work on turning your website visitors into leads.

Can you checkmark this checklist with the YES? This means you have a perfectly optimized website.

A successful mix between web design and online content is an essential step to draw visitors attention to your website and make them return.

In this regard, we present you a checklist in the following manner:

  • Have you included on your website a professional done logo?
  • Is it clear enough who is your company and what unique offers has, what sets it apart from the competition?
  • Text from every page achieves it’s purpose? It develops the title with success?
  • The texts have triggers or a call to action?
  • The texts present all benefits of your product or your service?
  • Do you use graphic assets: bullets or arrows?
  • Are you using images that show your audience the usage of your product or service when is used?
  • Images and Video’s that are being used are original? Do you have license rights?
  • If you are using a video is it setup to manual playback?
  • If you want to provide additional information are you using lightbox, in order for your visitors to not be forced to leave your website for additional information?
  • Do you highlight the information, especially those containing call to action through design (contrast, size)?
  • Do you offer your visitors your contact info, email, phone, live chat or address?
  • Do you offer truthful testimonials (person name, company, contact details)?

If anything is missing or needs to be improved, count on us for tips & tricks! Contact us Today through our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


How many sales you had in the past month with your online store?

In the past few days I wanted to make an acquisition so I started browsing the internet. I entered a lot of online shops and my critic eye couldn’t help to not notice that some online stores should have a sign where it says “We are closed”.

I am thinking that it will be of use for an online shop start-up or for an online store which wants to perform to find out more about what’s the next healthiest step to do in developing things.

In online environment, customers have access to quick information, they want to compare, then they go to social media to find out more and see other opinions of others that already bought or tested the products.

An online store that is selling thousands of products has to take in to consideration an easier process for the potential customer to find the product that he’s been looking for.
And if this is not so easy to achieve, at least it should consider to integrate a live chat for potential clients to communicate in real time with the retailer.
The technical platform that supports the online store, whether it’s build on a known platform , whether it is customized, it should be able to sustain the domain and the store specific activity.

Not to mention the fact that it’s imperative for any online business to have a responsive website or a mobile application, considering the growing number of users accessing the Internet from their mobile devices.

Online payment also should be secured.

Advertising. You don’t do anything with your pretty store if you just wait for potential customers to enter your website if don’t promote it.

Strategy is the key, and the most efficient strategy is to have a marketing mix of all channels.

If it’s made by professionals, Targeted advertising ( keywords, placements, re-marketing, retargeting ) through Google Adwords leads to a better Conversion Rate Optimisation ( CRO ).

Newsletter is also a great promoting and useful channel for your website. Don’t forget to collect from your website the e-mail address of your users.

Transparency is very important for an online store, and social media gives you the opportunity to be transparent – people are strongly influenced on their purchasing decision from comments, reviews, links endorsements.

Measure conversion rate of every channel. This way you have the possibility to improve the strategy and you’ll focus on other channels that gives you more conversions.

Go on, keep up the sales! We are here to optimize your online store!

Take a look at these numbers! Don’t they make you think?

It’s time to have the best website with the most successful content and most effective advertising..

We start with a conclusion: Online is King!

In Romania 4 out of 10 clients are already digital consumers.
On the other side from 10 online consumers in Romania only 6 get informed online but they buy from the physical store, and only 3 buy from online store after they are carefully informed also from the local store.

Buying decision is taken by the consumer only after a verification of the info regarding the particular product or service and is made from multiple resources and at least checked from 2 devices. Price has the most influence in decision buying from online store.

Buying experience has now an omnichannel dimension.
Because consumers coming up to 60% in their buying decision thru different steps made online, is better that the information they find here to be the same as in the local store or on other communication channels.

The difference is made when customers receive excellent assistance after buying.
Digital consumers are involved and they are not easy to pleased. Access to information makes them to request and use equally both sales and customer support departments.

Content Marketing.
Online environment is the most used source of information by users between 20 – 35 year old from Romania, to search for desired product or service ( 27 % for services and 32 % for products reviewed).
Majority of questioned respondents from EY study “ Using mobile devices in Romania” say that the information found in online environment is useful or very useful ( 61 % for products and 52% for services ) On the other side information is also considered increasingly useless for services compared with products.

Social Media Marketing.
General trend regarding the fields used for social networking within companies from Romania it’s maintaining, main usage remains in marketing and communication. We see an increases of 3-5% in recruitment, customer service, and research of their needs.
Notoriety and exposure in the company’s market remains the most important benefits of using social networks.
54% of respondents talk about generating sales opportunities, this represents a significantly increase from 2013.
More than half of companies respondents appreciate the loyalty of their customers by using social networks.

Mobile marketing: It’s all about screen size not just about devices
If 87% of EY study respondents “ Using mobile devices in Romania” said that they have a smartphone and 58 % said that they have a tablet, only 28% of respondents said that they have another mobile phone and not so many have mobile devices such as phablet’s ( 5% ), fitness bracelet ( 4% ) or smartwatch ( 4% )
Depending on the frequency of using mobile devices, respondents said that the most used are: smartphone, tablet, and mobile phone.

45% of mobile users use between 8 and 10 apps, 21 % use between 5 and 8 apps and 33 % use between 3 to 5 apps.
66 % from respondents use business apps, 60 % photo video apps, 46 % music and entertainment apps, and the lowest apps used are from categories like lifestyle ( 28 % ), health and fitness (25%) and sport (17%).

In the top for benefits among the six listed, top three regarding the use of mobile devices in perception of respondents are: mobility, accessibility, connectivity.

Video marketing: from promises to results
37% of respondents said that they watch video content 1-5 per week 21% over 15 content video / weekly, 19% watch video content between 6 and 10, while only 14% of respondents don’t watch any video content weekly.
Studies estimate global annual growth of video traffic annual 55% by 2020, driven by video streaming services and including more and more video content in media and advertising space.

Source: study EY Romania “Using mobile devices in Romania”

Your fans love to play. Do you have a Play button?

This playing thing is embraced at any age. Grown ups like to play, they don’t want to be so serious all the time and creative brands can approach more to their clients through playing.

Mobile game is a viral marketing tool which grown a lot in the past few years.
Through a game that is free to download you can easily send targeted marketing messages to your actual and potential customers in a funny way.

This way you became “accomplice” in playing with your serious audience.

At a marketing level, companies wish to have a better repositioning: More openness, a better human way and these things can be obtained by fructifying all the communication channels.

Given the fact that technology has advanced so much opening towards mobile game industry is one of the best ways of advertising in a more creative way, which involves the user and creates a better experience. And if the experience is gained in a funny way by the user, this is even greater.

This marketing tool is challenging for us because it means more creativity put together with a serious brand, sobriety and challenging clients and the goal to engage everyone in a gaming experience with benefits of brand image.

Obviously, the game needs to be customized for different type of brands and business activity.

We can make your fans to chase shopping baskets if your brand is representing a hypermarket, to chase mice if your business is deratization, to catch as many bottles of water as they can if your business offers bottled water. Creativity has no limits.

Take a peek to our recent mobile game release: http://creative-ones.com/english/create-2d-3d-games