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7 useful applications to take with you in holiday

It’s obvious that custom softs apps makes our life better and helps us achieve important things.
Holiday is the most expected moment for a lot of us so it’s good to be prepared.
When we go into a holiday we don’t take just the passport and hand baggage, we leave fully equipped with apps that will make our vacation more interesting.
Here is a list:

  1. If you are on the beach and you want to listen to your favourite music, Jango Radio is very useful:
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jangomobile.android&hl=en
    Jango Radio is a free app where you can find the music by searching for your favourite artist and it will also make you a playlist based on this selection.
    You can choose from different music categories such as: country, pop, love songs, workout, blues, jazz, world and many more.

  3. AccuWeather https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.accuweather.android
    It’s a very useful app that you should have it in your favourite list. AcurateWeather feeds you in real time how the weather is going to be and in this way you will always know how to get dressed when you leave the hotel and how far you should go.
  4. Solarize –https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.solarize_app.solarize
    It will determine your skin type according to an official scale from Fitzpatrick, and together with the FPS value of your sun lotion, the app will deliver you the exact time for sun exposure. The timer has the possibility to be put on hold while you take a break or go swimming, also when you listen to music or you play on your phone, the timer will run on the background and when the timer stops you will be noticed with a short beep.
  5. Smart Compass
    Smart Compass gives you access to use a compass overlaying the camera. For example, you can get your current location or a location of a museum or other points of interest, and it also holds the ability to detect metals (at least this is what they are saying).
  6. Lose It https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fitnow.loseit
    Because you want to look great in your holiday, Lose It will do just that by creating a custom program for you to lose weight. It’s true that for this app you should start using it before you go in vacation.
  7. Hopper https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hopper.mountainview.play
    This app will help you to find special offers when you are searching for air-plane tickets. Hopper takes in consideration billions of flight offers and finds the moment when the ticket prices drop, this will allow you to save up to 40% of your money.
    Hopper has a function named “Watch a Flight”, that will help you to follow prices for a specific flight plan. Hopper will send you notifications when the prices go lower.
  8. AroundMe https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tweakersoft.aroundme
    Its an app that you should use it on the road. After it determines your location, it will show you a very large number of different tourist attractions or points of interest which are very good categorized – pharmacy, stores, restaurants, etc. also giving you a map and contact details.
    So now that you have infos about what to download on your smartphone when you go in vacation! We can only wish you “Happy Holiday” and to many more useful apps for you to use!

The day doesn’t begin with a coffee, it begins with your smartphone

How do you feel when you forget your phone at home?
Isn’t that right that you feel like if in that day there is going to happen the biggest tragedy and you can’t call anybody?
Or maybe you feel like you left the house forgetting to put the shoes or clothes on?

Somehow is sad that we are in a point where we are addicted to an object but this is where the technology course brought us together with the benefits of having: a fast possibility to connect with each other or to access the wanted information whenever we want.

Like Google said in a study in 2015 that we are Homo Smartphonicus.

Almost 60% of Romania internet users access the online information directly from their phone.
And in the same time also 60% of them they do that in the morning before leaving the house.
30% check their phone immediately after waking up.

How I said, the day starts with the smartphone and not anymore with the coffee.
And of course how we start we continue all day. With the phone .
43% say that are using the smartphones during the day in other ways than to call.
47% say that they are checking their smartphones a few times in a day.
42% say that they always keep their phone close .

The apps are very important for Homo Smartphonicus. The same for Web design.
In the top are text messages 84 %,  facebook app 64% , email 59% communication apps (skype or whatsapp 52%) and games 22%.

Not even when they go to bed, the romanian people don’t leave their smartphones, 51% use them as an insomnia treatment. And of course, instead of putting the clock alarm to wake them up in the morning, they use the phones .

So in a business what’s important to do after reading this study results?
The conclusion:

  • To be online
  • To be SEO optimised
  • To have a mobile responsive website
  • To have online marketing campaigns
  • To create their own mobile app.

For more details contact Creative Ones Team!

From Creative Ones Portfolio: www.norauto.ro a success story

Norauto is present in Romania since 2009. Worldwide, Norauto origins are in France, since 1970 when DERVILLE ERIC had a strong business vision based on a simple observation: there were hundreds of cars stationed in parking lots of large hypermarkets. To them, Eric Derville has proposed maintenance and customization by Norauto brand.

We are proud that Norauto Romania is present in Creative Ones portfolio. norauto.ro website and specific functionalities of this online store are made entirely by Creative Ones team .

Let’s look at Norauto.ro

Norauto company offers a range of products and services for automobiles.

Being an online store with many specific products a filtration system in real time was needed that after a series of criteria to ultimately generate exactly the desired product with its technical specifications for a particular car model. And that is what Creative Ones implemented.

Norauto products can be booked online and then removed from the store by completing an online form.

All online users can enroll and benefit from loyalty card based on which they accumulate points and may make purchases at discounted prices.

For an online store, social proof is important – in this respect users can see which are the most sold products.

And because everyone likes promotions, Norauto updates them on the site every two weeks and, in addition, you can view them by subscribing to the newsletter.

The newsletter is also created by Creative Ones – attractive design with a focus on prices.

Norauto.ro is a dynamic, constantly updated site where the information is fresh and this is highlighted on the homepage by running banners announcing new offers, services and promotions – all supporting the commercial strategy of the company.

Norauto is concerned to know their site visitors and make them experience a memorable feelings.

Every user behaviour in the website is followed step by step and forms the basis for improvement of the design and functionality so that the user will reach at the desired information.

Each site users route is followed step by step and this is the prerequisite of design and functionality changes so that in the final, users will reach the desired information fast and intuitive.

Norauto.ro site is achieved by design principles UX / UI to enhance user experience to guide it using graphics or page layout information more strategically and intuitively.

We invite you to visit: https://www.norauto.ro/

For online success choose a team of senior web programming, design and development!

You know what they say: Whom who does not have seniors, should buy them!

This is how it works when you want a solid web presence for your business.

You “buy”seniors. From Creative-Ones.com

You get professional services from our web developers, programmers, and web designers. The best part is that we are not just a web design team like others, we are also a programming team capable to meet your highest requirement.

This will offer you the comfort that you need to know regarding your project knowing that it is in good hands from now on.

If we should explain you in a checklist what we are capable of, just like a Job Description a long, long job description, we will check the following:

  • We create complex websites using the latest technologies: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL;
  • We are experts on frameworks such as: Laravel and Codeigniter;
  • We optimize your website to the latest SEO requirements on the market;
  • We code, improve the way it looks and especially the way it functions, we take in consideration also projects that are already developed;
  • We create modules, plug-ins, for mobile apps or online apps
  • We implement different advertising strategies for your brand, products and link building
  • We implement and develop on-page SEO strategy
  • We create optimized content, and we optimize your actual content: we involve copyright specialists for keyword research;
  • We create and implement graphic elements, including banners, business cards, brochures, and everything that is relevant for your business presentation;

We invest in technology, in licenses, and most important in people. Our team is always prepared to learn and implement. We grow proudly with talented people and we pride ourself with the top performers in the industry with an exceptional background. We are for many years a successful formula.

We invite you to get to know us better! You will be welcomed in a relaxing and friendly environment to discuss about how we provide you your online success.

How can you keep an eye on your business even on vacation?

Imagine going into a holiday for a few days. If you have the luxury of letting your business and employees freely, breaking total contact with them, congratulations! If you can afford this luxury and yet you do not, it’s good to know that we provide the tools by which you have control of your business wherever you are.

Together We have already established that the online environment is essential for developing your business. This means check at least two aspects: a professional developed website, mobile friendly, meaning visible on any device and online promotion campaign.

Our maintenance service gives you comfort that your online presence is secure.

Wherever you are, we are a click away from you or simply typing in our live chat

You can notify us regarding any problem or issue that you might have. We prioritize and quickly intervene. We make frequent back-ups, we have uptime monitoring, and we administrate your website. It’s an easy to use service, tailored made for your needs.

If you own an online store, a professional management console and easy to use allows you to check in any time your orders, processing stage, the situation of stocks, etc.

Our tailor-made CRM applications will increase your business efficiency and at the same time you will have control over your business segments and sub segments, and also a perfect management tool to use everywhere.

You will see in real time the work in progress, daily, weekly, monthly reports and the best of all you can send bills from Maldives Beach. You manage everything without any fear of errors.

Have you made your luggage already?