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Apps for smartphones- Communicate successful with your audience

A Vodafone study made in 2015 showed that more than 63% of Romanians use a smartphone.

Another study from IRSOP, is informing us that more than 85% of those that use a smartphone also use an app.

Romanians prefer apps for different categories such as: social networks, tools and entertainment.

We all know that the smartphone storage is limited, if you don’t use a storage card.

We often delete apps when we know that we have insufficient space to save other apps that we will might use.

Furthermore, the last version of Google Play Store contains an uninstall manager that uses an elaborate system of analysis to see what programs you installed already, and will recommend you to uninstall apps that you don’t use them frequently.

The challenge for a business that wants to “conquer” the limited space of users smartphone with the app, is to create smart apps that will be useful for the user and he will keep them for a long time.

Imagine how important is for your business brand to have your logo on thousands of pages and to be seen from thousands of smartphones of active users!

Apps and custom softs are more and more integrated in the digital strategy of companies because they prove efficient in:

  1. Direct interactions with their audience
  2. Retaining existing customers
  3. Grow online visibility of their brands
  4. Positioning itself as a powerful brand, fresh, linked to the new trends in technology industry and in the needs of consumers

Business apps are a powerful communication tool for companies that go straight to their specific audience.

Creative Ones is creating, implementing, tracking apps for mobile devices that will help you to obtain a maximum result from this tools.

Let’s shape together that application for your clients and your potential clients!

Megaplaza.ro an online store that we take pride with it.

Online shopping catch more ground. We are increasingly busy or become more comfortable, but we always have access to internet. Now everything is one click away.

Online stores are racing to offer us best products at the best prices.

Megaplaza.ro online store is part of Creative Ones Portfolio.

Megaplaza is exactly what the name suggests: an online store, the size of a giant mall where you can find everything you need: from cosmetics to car parts and electronics and tour packages.

On www.megaplaza.ro you will find well-known brands, hundreds of products, vacations at very competitive prices, for Megaplaza negotiated unbeatable discounts on travel services.

Many times when we wanted to make an online purchase of a product we hit its lack of stock. On the site it can appear to be in stock, only to be contacted later by the store and to be proposed with a similar product because the product desired by us lacked from stock. Nothing more unpleasant, especially if the situation is experienced repeatedly in the same online store.

Therefore, along with Megaplaza.ro team we implemented a module that:

Is making an update of stock every 24 hours.

In this way, Megaplaza makes the maximum it can do so stocks or availability are displayed in real time.

We should not lose sight that an online store of Megaplaza stature is backed over by 480,000 products from hundreds and thousands of sources!

This module that updates the stock is very important for every online store.

On one hand, the module automatically updates, which eliminates the human intervention that would also be impossible when talking thousands of products.

On the other hand, eliminates the inconvenience of not being able to give customers what they want, because the erroneous information, not updated properly on the site.

Megaplaza offers its customers seven methods of payment, installment payment, payment through online lending, free delivery in certain conditions, and many other facilities for its customers online access (gift voucher, for example).

In online it is very important to put all the tools available to the client acquisition to make them easy and pleasant and the experience to make him come back and recommend you.
On homepage Megaplaza.ro you will find a generous space with banners where you can see all the promotions.

Also for the site and megaplaza.ro we implemented live chat module very useful for direct contact and real-time customer site.
We invite you to have a pleasant shopping on www.megaplaza.ro

Still the King: Content marketing

For several years, in all marketing conferences the talk is about “Content is the King”.

What is content marketing? Content marketing is the creation of valuable content and distribute it for marketing purposes.

In online where things happen in real time, especially on social networks, content is perhaps “More King” than ever.

You have very little time to attract attention.

Digital content like videos on YouTube, Facebook or blog posts, mobile applications can draw thousands and millions of consumers who interact with them or they disseminate in their circles. This type of online content, some experts called magnetic content can become ultra-viral and benefit the business if its quality and valuable.

What it means valuable?

Content should be:

  • Unique
  • Useful
  • Well made
  • Funny if is the case or at least pleasant
  • Suitable for the channel that is sharing it

Let’s speak to the point. At Creative Ones over time we realized many online stores. The kind of shops that sell hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of products. Yes, you read the figures right.

E-commerce market is heavily competed. But there are important elements that can make the difference between online stores, positioning some of them in the top.

These are the elements of web design and programming and content marketing.

Let us consider content marketing. A blog on an online store or a menu of tips will increase credibility with potential clients and make the existing ones loyal.

An online store that sells thousands of products, like many other online stores, moreover, that the buyer needs to find space to receive additional information to solve him a problem or convince him to make the purchase on the websites that is in question.

For example, an online store that sells products of all kinds and from where I intend to buy a pair of sunglasses, let’s say, I would appreciate reading an article like “How to choose appropriate glasses based on your face shape and in trend with the summer. ”

This kind of information, support and counselling, entitles me to believe that we are dealing with professionals who are preoccupied, with a team to support customer acquisition and to guide him to make the purchase much easier.

Otherwise, it’s like walking into a store full of products and can not find anyone to whom to ask for information. Somehow, so it happens with a store in the online space. Human factor disappears – adviser, the seller – and it’s just me, the buyer, to take decisions more or less good for me. It’s frustrating to decide this when the package arrives home.

Online stores have a clever marketing to make up for this lack of human factor through content marketing.

In short, when you start on the road to conquer customers, using useful and valuable content is better to know these tips:

  • First identify which is your buyer profile and generate content in this direction.
  • To keep in mind what the buyer needs, what could be interesting for him, what will determine and gain the confidence to make the purchase on your site.
  • Have constantly in mind what the buyer needs, that it may involve, engage and conquer to make the purchase on your site.
  • To do a research on Google and identify topics that have the highest volume of searches.
  • Building professional content, specialized on “how to …” that provide valuable advice. Guides, eBooks also are resources you can put free on site and that users appreciate them.

Let’s have fun shopping.

Jobs in programming and web design. What it means to work at Creative Ones.

Because lately we announced several open spots in our company, we thought it would be useful to know more about us, about our team and our working environment. Here it is … The Creative Ones company profile.

  • We have 5 years’ experience in the market
  • We have colleagues that are with us from day 0 and they had a major contribution at developing the company
  • The average age in our team is 29-30 years
  • We are friends, we play football and we go on teambuildings
  • We have big clients and we are proud to carry on valuable projects.
  • We are partners and exhibitors at major events in our field.
  • We have an excellent relationship with Google.
  • We have periodic trainings very useful to our personal and professional development.
  • We drink good coffee in the office
  • We work also Monday we are proud of it because we love what we do
  • We are social we stay on Facebook
  • Receive welcome new colleagues and make them feel as if we know of a lifetime
  • We listen to good music and sometimes we also watch football
  • Suit and Tie are not allowed in our office
  • We also have girls in our TEAM – they are elite programmers

Let’s meet! Follow our available jobs and send us your CV!

Are you ready for the future? Internet of Things (IoT) is getting more closer to you!

These days runs on movie screens I.T. with Pierce Brosnan in the main role.

Like any film, especially in the US, there are a number of reviews that categorizes it as a weak film, but there are positive reviews also.

Besides the movie script one thing is clear: we are dealing with a house controlled 100% by technology, which will make the house vulnerable at a certain point.

The remark said by one of the characters: <> – to solve a difficult situation between characters – it’s memorable from the point of view that we analyse the context.

We live in a smart era of technology and custom software. We own smartphones, smart TV, smartwatch. We want everything around us to be smart and to create us a comfort.

What today appears to be a SF it’s about to happen tomorrow. Almost anything can be programmed to make us comfortable and to save us time.: the warm coffee in the morning awaits us when we wake up, together with the toasted bread, the bed that inform us if we had a relaxing sleep, the fridge that will tell you what’s inside and what you can cook, and all kinds of sensors that can be tracked from long distance, off course with the help of a smartphone.

A part of these are already in the market for the consumers, however there are other innovations where the giants from IT are working hard to bring them to life.

It’s all about Internet of Things, the internet which is one more step closer to development.

Practically internet is the connection for the physical world through sensors. In this manner, any equipment from: consumer electronics, lighting systems, heating, safety etc. will be connected to the internet and they will be smarter.

For companies in the tech industry, IOT is a new money source. IDC estimates that global market for Internet of Things will be in 4 years at 1700 billion of dollars.

Samsung recently announced through a press release that will invest by 2020 the amount of 1.2 billion dollars for the development of the IoT technologies.

Obviously, IoT is not the prerogative of any person, if we refer to costs. In addition, a part will always be people who will feel the IoT will lose control of simple things, despite the thing that IoT offers rescue and comfort.

Or maybe is just an assumption.

We tell you this so to know ahead of time what we have ahead of us.

The blooms are counted in the fall in your online business.

Autumn is coming and a new round of planning begins. Until December’s bottom line, there is some time, just perfect to prepare a fruitful end of the year.

In stores promotions are already ending, people are returning from holidays, school starts and things getting on seriously rut.

We prepared a check list for your online presence. We included mandatory aspects for your online growth and to support your sales and marketing strategy.

Mobile friendly website

  • Is your website visible on any device?
  • Did you know that if your website isn’t mobile friendly ( responsive ) Google will tax your page visibility?

People are always searching the information from their mobile phones or tablets so it’s mandatory that your website should be responsive.

Positioning on the first page of Google search engine

  • Is your website on the top in the search by keywords?
  • Do you want to increase your website traffic and people buy your products or services?

Landing page for better targeted campaigns!

  • Do you want to promote a product or a service?
  • Do you want to increase your conversion rate and transform your visitors into clients?

Landing Page is the online tool that helps you gain more clients using a targeted message to your specific audience.

Social Media for awareness!

  • Do you have a strong presence in Social Media?
  • Do you create powerful content useful for your followers?

Campaigns and your presence in Social Media will help you increase your online visibility and traffic.

CRM for effective management of your business.

  • Do you want a solution that will help you manage your business anytime anywhere?
  • Do you want to manage better your work process and use a time tracking tool?

Customer Relationship Manager software will save you money, time and energy and it will manage your business and all your valuable information!

For all of these growing solutions you can rely on Creative Ones Team.

Our web designers, Senior PHP Programmers are here to help you.

From Creative Ones Portfolio – Anvelomag.ro tires online store

Anvelomag.ro it’s an online store that sells tires created and developed from the desire to offer clients a pleasant and efficient online experience when they want to buy tires.

The store is built from the idea of selling low budget and premium tires, from all kind of producers at competitive prices and to offer them special services.

We’re glad that Anvelomag is in Creative Ones portfolio because is one of the most appreciated tires online stores from Romania.

The fact that the key element from Anvelomag is professionalism and the quality information which makes easy the process of buying tires from their website could only lead to set the foundation for an excellent collaboration.

Anvelomag.ro is a website rebuilt by Creative Ones Team on user experience principle.

This means that we planned from the start to offer their users a unique and efficient experience without issues in their interaction with the website in searching and choosing the products from Anvelomag.ro.

Entire information structure, marketing tools and the design were oriented to obtain an easy and useful product. (website: anvelope anvelomag.ro).

Also, Anvelomag.ro website is hosted on one of the servers offered by Creative Ones, especially that the resources of this website requires extra attention mainly when feeds are automatically uploaded with products that update the stock and also the price of tires.

The website is benefiting from a series of optimization – seasonal products are intensely optimised in the website to sell them to specific targeted clients.

Moreover, the website is optimized for Google, not just for the campaigns in Google Adwords which the company is doing on a regular basis, but also is redesign it in an optimal way by Creative Ones Team.

Anvelomag.ro was made from the start as an online store – user friendly – sometimes it can be very hard for a person with little to no experience in this field to choose the right tires, that’s why filters were implement to helpe the user to find the desired product easy.

Filters and Homepage are user friendly they contain different recommendations and active promotions which have the purpose for an easy way to buy the product.
Because Anvelomag.ro desired an approach which is to be closer to their clients, a live chat support was implemented inside the website by Creative Ones Team – Support Anvelomag Live – the chat enables you as a client to discuss live with a commercial representative.

Newsletter is also a marketing tool which contributes to the building and consolidation of the relationship with the client database. Through newsletter the company aims to send promotions for tires, wheels, summer, winter and all season tires, also news about different car brands and car tires.

We invite you to check the link of Anvelomag, where you can see more information about tires.

It’s important for you to know when is good to change and to check your tires to be ensured that your driving experience is safe.

The last thing for you to do now is to enjoy your rides with your friends.