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Apps for smartphones- Communicate successful with your audience

Apps for smartphones- Communicate successful with your audience

A Vodafone study made in 2015 showed that more than 63% of Romanians use a smartphone.

Another study from IRSOP, is informing us that more than 85% of those that use a smartphone also use an app.

Romanians prefer apps for different categories such as: social networks, tools and entertainment.

We all know that the smartphone storage is limited, if you don’t use a storage card.

We often delete apps when we know that we have insufficient space to save other apps that we will might use.

Furthermore, the last version of Google Play Store contains an uninstall manager that uses an elaborate system of analysis to see what programs you installed already, and will recommend you to uninstall apps that you don’t use them frequently.

The challenge for a business that wants to “conquer” the limited space of users smartphone with the app, is to create smart apps that will be useful for the user and he will keep them for a long time.

Imagine how important is for your business brand to have your logo on thousands of pages and to be seen from thousands of smartphones of active users!

Apps and custom softs are more and more integrated in the digital strategy of companies because they prove efficient in:

  1. Direct interactions with their audience
  2. Retaining existing customers
  3. Grow online visibility of their brands
  4. Positioning itself as a powerful brand, fresh, linked to the new trends in technology industry and in the needs of consumers

Business apps are a powerful communication tool for companies that go straight to their specific audience.

Creative Ones is creating, implementing, tracking apps for mobile devices that will help you to obtain a maximum result from this tools.

Let’s shape together that application for your clients and your potential clients!

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