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Are you ready for the future? Internet of Things (IoT) is getting more closer to you!

Are you ready for the future? Internet of Things (IoT) is getting more closer to you!

These days runs on movie screens I.T. with Pierce Brosnan in the main role.

Like any film, especially in the US, there are a number of reviews that categorizes it as a weak film, but there are positive reviews also.

Besides the movie script one thing is clear: we are dealing with a house controlled 100% by technology, which will make the house vulnerable at a certain point.

The remark said by one of the characters: <> – to solve a difficult situation between characters – it’s memorable from the point of view that we analyse the context.

We live in a smart era of technology and custom software. We own smartphones, smart TV, smartwatch. We want everything around us to be smart and to create us a comfort.

What today appears to be a SF it’s about to happen tomorrow. Almost anything can be programmed to make us comfortable and to save us time.: the warm coffee in the morning awaits us when we wake up, together with the toasted bread, the bed that inform us if we had a relaxing sleep, the fridge that will tell you what’s inside and what you can cook, and all kinds of sensors that can be tracked from long distance, off course with the help of a smartphone.

A part of these are already in the market for the consumers, however there are other innovations where the giants from IT are working hard to bring them to life.

It’s all about Internet of Things, the internet which is one more step closer to development.

Practically internet is the connection for the physical world through sensors. In this manner, any equipment from: consumer electronics, lighting systems, heating, safety etc. will be connected to the internet and they will be smarter.

For companies in the tech industry, IOT is a new money source. IDC estimates that global market for Internet of Things will be in 4 years at 1700 billion of dollars.

Samsung recently announced through a press release that will invest by 2020 the amount of 1.2 billion dollars for the development of the IoT technologies.

Obviously, IoT is not the prerogative of any person, if we refer to costs. In addition, a part will always be people who will feel the IoT will lose control of simple things, despite the thing that IoT offers rescue and comfort.

Or maybe is just an assumption.

We tell you this so to know ahead of time what we have ahead of us.

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