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With our head in…. CLOUD

With our head in…. CLOUD

In fact, the business in the Cloud.

Cloud storage is a solution that allows data to be accessed online anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a good internet connection.

Basically, a company specialized holds some data centers with thousands of servers, with an extraordinary ability to storage and you can rent storage Cloud service from this company at a very low price .

Cloud data storage advantages are obvious:

  • Reduce costs for equipments, servers, managed services, technical resources, IT staff;
  • You don’t have to worry about allocated server space in your own office;
  • You have cost savings with the energy used for servers;
  • You have access to a hardware infrastructure and a scalable software architecture where you can manage your team efficiently;
  • You can assign work tasks or projects and you can follow wherever you are or whenever you want, not depending on a desk neither you nor them;
  • Access the data from anywhere in the world, anytime with a simple Internet connection;
  • Integrate new users in a project – new members of the team – very easily;
  • You will not have downtime, having all the technical conditions necessary to improve work processes;
  • Your data is SAFE, having all the security protocols comparing this with using storage from a laptop or a pc that are physical;
  • Increases performance workflows.

In addition, even software can be stored in the Cloud. Basically, you work together with your team in a CRM software whose information is stored in the Cloud.

Make a decision to streamline your business by storing in Cloud!

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