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At Big Ben School of Languages, the bell sounds different.

At Big Ben School of Languages, the bell sounds different.

We all want a friendly system of learning for our children, to give them the opportunity to learn with pleasure, to be appreciated and encouraged to develop.

The team from The Big Ben School of Languages is doing an outstanding job and we realised that by working together at a large scale online project.

But first, a few things about Big Ben School of Languages:

Big Ben School of Languages was founded in 2009 as a language center for children and in 2010 its foreign language courses also addressing adults.

Big Ben School of Languages is among the most prestigious language centers in Bucharest and it’s an authorized examination center for Cambridge and Trinity exams.

The teaching style enshrined by Big Ben School of Languages is unique and makes the learners to progress in a relaxing, amazing, fast conditions and also enjoyable and fun.

What is important is that at the end of each hour of lecture the student emerges not only whit new knowledge, but also is impelled to believe in its success, in this way developing new skills.

And as a school so amazing that you learn for pleasure, it had to communicate more efficiently and in real time with students and parents, the staff from Big Ben School of Languages has chosen Creative Ones to set up an online system management customer relationship, aka a CRM. And not just a catalog that can be accessed online by the users and parents.

In the following we will tell you:

From this point of view, Big Ben School of Languages is an example to any educational institution that respects itself and that, above all, respects its clients. Basically, the style of learning that the Big Ben School of Languages is touting is very well supported on how the relationship is managed by students, parents, teachers, how they communicate, and how they generate well founded feedback.

The school catalog is online – and is easy to access from anywhere you are connected to the internet, it’s friendly and easy to use. The notes are displayed in real time, as well as absences.

Each student has their own profile, in fact it’s a folder, that stores all the information and all the history of its relationship with the school as a student.

Basically, the parent has a full picture and can easily handle what happens, what the child is learning and how he progresses. It’s about personal information but also homework that needs to be done, ratings, regular reports which record progress made during learning, messages whit teacher observations and useful recommendations, skills acquired, the special participation (international exams, camps, free lessons etc. .), diplomas.

CRM developed by Creative Ones took into account all the information and wishes of the clients and their need to maintain contact with the school.

Parents can receive email notifications when new documents are uploaded by the teacher or in any other various changes that occur.

Similarly, children can receive homework by email or be notified when to check their account to access the new homework.

For a well controlled activity, each teacher has dedicated CRM space, space that contains personal information, time management, rooms for each class they teach, any absent.

In this dedicated space teachers can generate reports about their students progress and certificates.

Also, CRM records involvement of teachers in projects, work on the blog and timeliness of data entry.

As we have already used our customers who own a Creative Ones CRM, time tracking component is very important. CRM developed for Big Ben School is also monitoring time spent or changes made by each teacher.

We also addressed the issues such as creating photo albums with alumni, emails sent automatically with child birthday wishes etc.

All of these having the purpose to create a community around the school, happy parents, and students that progress in a friendly environment.

Now that you know all these things about Big Ben School of Languages and about the careful attention that they offer to customers, we invite you to contact them.

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