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Consumer Experience. It’s all that matters.

Consumer Experience. It’s all that matters.

In the past few years marketing strategies changed a lot, in the right direction from product to consumer. The consumer became the focus for every action and marketing strategy and consumer experience is the concept that defines this orientation.

Consumer Experience represent the track of interactions made by the consumer with the brand, tracking that at the end it represents for the consumer an emotional, rational and psychological brand imprinting.

Here the brand battle begins – to win from a position of positive experience the mind and the heart of their customers. Companies that did not understood this thing yet will lose for sure on medium and long term.

Digital is the power right now and it will be for a long time.

“The interest and the marketing department resources began to concentrate on making a great digital experience to the consumers, being the most effective strategy for a company that wants to grow their profit and their income”

said Graham Cooke, CEO Qubit

What do we require to enable us to build a relevant digital presence for consumers?

We need segmentation, content/communication, context, proper tools, monitoring, and also a specialized team in digital.

We need an alignment of the offline objectives and online and also synergetic actions.

All of this should be done into the direction of building consumer experience

We prepared a series of questions that will be useful for your to-do list:


  1. Did you target your audience or specific groups and their characteristics?
  2. Do you communicate differently with targeted groups?
  3. From where your audience came from?
  4. How do you retain your loyal customers?


  1. Your website traffic is important do you know from where it came from?
  2. What websites generates you traffic?
  3. What are your most visited pages?
  4. What is the bounce rate on your pages?
  5. Do you have a blog?
  6. Do you have retargeting campaigns?
  7. Are you in top on the search on Google page?


  1. Do you have an email database?
  2. Do you build it constantly? What sources do you use?
  3. Do you send newsletters? What’s the frequency? To whom?
  4. What is the open rate of the newsletters?
  5. What is the unsubscribe rate?
  6. How relevant is the content that you send?


  1. Who are the people that watch and share your videos?
  2. What kind of users send comments?
  3. How do you give a better value of the product/service through your videos?
  4. Can you succeed to make a video viral?


  1. How active are your “employees” in conversations with your followers?
  2. Do you answer to comments or involve your audience?
  3. How is your monthly reach?
  4. How is the organic reach and how is the paid reach?

Mobile apps

  1. How many users download your app?
  2. What is the utility of your app and why users should keep it in smartphones considering the limited storage?
  3. How many users uninstall your app?

Don’t forget! Improving experience for your consumer is the solution to keep them near you and to make them your brand ambassadors.

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