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Still the King: Content marketing

Still the King: Content marketing

For several years, in all marketing conferences the talk is about “Content is the King”.

What is content marketing? Content marketing is the creation of valuable content and distribute it for marketing purposes.

In online where things happen in real time, especially on social networks, content is perhaps “More King” than ever.

You have very little time to attract attention.

Digital content like videos on YouTube, Facebook or blog posts, mobile applications can draw thousands and millions of consumers who interact with them or they disseminate in their circles. This type of online content, some experts called magnetic content can become ultra-viral and benefit the business if its quality and valuable.

What it means valuable?

Content should be:

  • Unique
  • Useful
  • Well made
  • Funny if is the case or at least pleasant
  • Suitable for the channel that is sharing it

Let’s speak to the point. At Creative Ones over time we realized many online stores. The kind of shops that sell hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of products. Yes, you read the figures right.

E-commerce market is heavily competed. But there are important elements that can make the difference between online stores, positioning some of them in the top.

These are the elements of web design and programming and content marketing.

Let us consider content marketing. A blog on an online store or a menu of tips will increase credibility with potential clients and make the existing ones loyal.

An online store that sells thousands of products, like many other online stores, moreover, that the buyer needs to find space to receive additional information to solve him a problem or convince him to make the purchase on the websites that is in question.

For example, an online store that sells products of all kinds and from where I intend to buy a pair of sunglasses, let’s say, I would appreciate reading an article like “How to choose appropriate glasses based on your face shape and in trend with the summer. ”

This kind of information, support and counselling, entitles me to believe that we are dealing with professionals who are preoccupied, with a team to support customer acquisition and to guide him to make the purchase much easier.

Otherwise, it’s like walking into a store full of products and can not find anyone to whom to ask for information. Somehow, so it happens with a store in the online space. Human factor disappears – adviser, the seller – and it’s just me, the buyer, to take decisions more or less good for me. It’s frustrating to decide this when the package arrives home.

Online stores have a clever marketing to make up for this lack of human factor through content marketing.

In short, when you start on the road to conquer customers, using useful and valuable content is better to know these tips:

  • First identify which is your buyer profile and generate content in this direction.
  • To keep in mind what the buyer needs, what could be interesting for him, what will determine and gain the confidence to make the purchase on your site.
  • Have constantly in mind what the buyer needs, that it may involve, engage and conquer to make the purchase on your site.
  • To do a research on Google and identify topics that have the highest volume of searches.
  • Building professional content, specialized on “how to …” that provide valuable advice. Guides, eBooks also are resources you can put free on site and that users appreciate them.

Let’s have fun shopping.

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