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How to convert your website visitors into leads

How to convert your website visitors into leads

Do you remember dial up? Is that long and whizzing sound accompanied by you starting to say a prayer: “Please God let the internet in” If you are the generation of 30 + you know what we are talking about.

The Internet wasn’t always what it is today and it wasn’t always successful. To have a company website in the earliest 90’s or 2000 was something WOW. For most of the companies it meant spending money useless.
Internet went through a lot since then and said in his beard “ I’ll show you, you’ll be depending on me” And that happened! Now You check in from the tallest mountains and even granny is taking selfies.

Today any business you’ll start even if you have clients or not, if you have the product or not, you start with a website. Is the thing that certifies your presence in business area, is the business card of each and every company.
And not only but is absolutely necessary to have a website for your business, and it’s mandatory for your business health that your website should generate at least a few leads if it is not generate you customers.

The first step when you decide to have a website or when you want to refresh you’re old one is to work with professionals, those guys which will advise you to have a congruence between you activity and the message that you want to tell to the world, web design and all the online tools that are necessary to have and bring a real support for your business.

We begin, therefore, a blog post with more episodes and we stop when we are convinced that we have exhausted all the subjects, making your website your business partner and your visitors convert at least into leads!

Professional web design.

In online web, professional web design means also a creative design, which will strongly impact the visitor, will offer the visitor a unique and memorable browsing experience which will act synergistically with the entire communication and the message being communicated.

And now that we’re at the design chapter, it is required for us to talk about the imperative of “mobile responsive.”.
Nothing saddens me more than experiencing web browsing when I access from my mobile a website and I discover that it isn’t mobile friendly and to put the cherry on top is also a website from a well known brand.
I quickly abandon my search because I don’t have time to zoom in the website to read the information.
These companies which websites are not mobile friendly don’t know the fact that Mister Google is not indexing them any more.
A website these days, when internet browsing is made from different devices, should keep in mind that it needs to have different texts and images that will allow the website to adapt immediately. I mean to resizes and repositioning depending on the device that is accessing and viewing the website.

Communication from the web site. Benefits.

I still see websites where communication is focused on product features.
There are a lot of websites that sell the same products and services with the same features… What will determine me to choose a product from that website despite the same product from another website? Benefits! My earning! Tell me more about this instead of telling me about technical terms which I will not understand. Translate these terms into benefits, and direct profits.

It’s the same as boarding a Luxury Aircraft and all the female flight attendants are Victoria’s Secret Models and will surprise you with food prepared by Michelin star Chef’s, they will promise that you will get to your desired destination in the best conditions ever and will present you the benefits of being inside of this Luxury Aircraft accompanied by ultra specialized staff. All for you to enjoy the best experience, recommend and come back to them with confidence.
So like this should be the experience with your site. What do you check in this allegory?



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