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From Creative Ones Portfolio: www.norauto.ro a success story

From Creative Ones Portfolio: www.norauto.ro a success story

Norauto is present in Romania since 2009. Worldwide, Norauto origins are in France, since 1970 when DERVILLE ERIC had a strong business vision based on a simple observation: there were hundreds of cars stationed in parking lots of large hypermarkets. To them, Eric Derville has proposed maintenance and customization by Norauto brand.

We are proud that Norauto Romania is present in Creative Ones portfolio. norauto.ro website and specific functionalities of this online store are made entirely by Creative Ones team .

Let’s look at Norauto.ro

Norauto company offers a range of products and services for automobiles.

Being an online store with many specific products a filtration system in real time was needed that after a series of criteria to ultimately generate exactly the desired product with its technical specifications for a particular car model. And that is what Creative Ones implemented.

Norauto products can be booked online and then removed from the store by completing an online form.

All online users can enroll and benefit from loyalty card based on which they accumulate points and may make purchases at discounted prices.

For an online store, social proof is important – in this respect users can see which are the most sold products.

And because everyone likes promotions, Norauto updates them on the site every two weeks and, in addition, you can view them by subscribing to the newsletter.

The newsletter is also created by Creative Ones – attractive design with a focus on prices.

Norauto.ro is a dynamic, constantly updated site where the information is fresh and this is highlighted on the homepage by running banners announcing new offers, services and promotions – all supporting the commercial strategy of the company.

Norauto is concerned to know their site visitors and make them experience a memorable feelings.

Every user behaviour in the website is followed step by step and forms the basis for improvement of the design and functionality so that the user will reach at the desired information.

Each site users route is followed step by step and this is the prerequisite of design and functionality changes so that in the final, users will reach the desired information fast and intuitive.

Norauto.ro site is achieved by design principles UX / UI to enhance user experience to guide it using graphics or page layout information more strategically and intuitively.

We invite you to visit: https://www.norauto.ro/

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