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How many sales you had in the past month with your online store?

How many sales you had in the past month with your online store?

In the past few days I wanted to make an acquisition so I started browsing the internet. I entered a lot of online shops and my critic eye couldn’t help to not notice that some online stores should have a sign where it says “We are closed”.

I am thinking that it will be of use for an online shop start-up or for an online store which wants to perform to find out more about what’s the next healthiest step to do in developing things.

In online environment, customers have access to quick information, they want to compare, then they go to social media to find out more and see other opinions of others that already bought or tested the products.

An online store that is selling thousands of products has to take in to consideration an easier process for the potential customer to find the product that he’s been looking for.
And if this is not so easy to achieve, at least it should consider to integrate a live chat for potential clients to communicate in real time with the retailer.
The technical platform that supports the online store, whether it’s build on a known platform , whether it is customized, it should be able to sustain the domain and the store specific activity.

Not to mention the fact that it’s imperative for any online business to have a responsive website or a mobile application, considering the growing number of users accessing the Internet from their mobile devices.

Online payment also should be secured.

Advertising. You don’t do anything with your pretty store if you just wait for potential customers to enter your website if don’t promote it.

Strategy is the key, and the most efficient strategy is to have a marketing mix of all channels.

If it’s made by professionals, Targeted advertising ( keywords, placements, re-marketing, retargeting ) through Google Adwords leads to a better Conversion Rate Optimisation ( CRO ).

Newsletter is also a great promoting and useful channel for your website. Don’t forget to collect from your website the e-mail address of your users.

Transparency is very important for an online store, and social media gives you the opportunity to be transparent – people are strongly influenced on their purchasing decision from comments, reviews, links endorsements.

Measure conversion rate of every channel. This way you have the possibility to improve the strategy and you’ll focus on other channels that gives you more conversions.

Go on, keep up the sales! We are here to optimize your online store!

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Cordy says:

Damn, I wish I could think of sohemting smart like that!

chelsea says:

It`s really useful! Thank you!