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How to make upselling and grow the “happiness level” of your customers

How to make upselling and grow the “happiness level” of your customers

Good to see you again! What good happened with your partner – the website?

What did you do better for it?

We will continue this article in which we want to give some tips and tricks that will convert your visitors into leads..

Lately my inbox is full with newsletters. From some I will unsubscribe because they became annoying and I receive them daily. Others come less often, I don’t wait for them especially however they make me curious, anxious about opening them and I can hardly wait to read them.

There are newsletters and newsletters

The good part is the fact that if you set a good strategy for email marketing, based on good and relevant content for your audience and you set a frequency of sending them reasonably you can fully enjoy the rewards of this advertising channel.

So what we are advising is to gather all the email addresses from your website visitors. Well you will say that not everybody is willing to give their email address. You’re absolutely right, however if you’re offer them something in exchange for their email address, definitely things will change.

What is the handiest thing to offer in exchange for an email address that will be really useful and appreciated? Depends on what is your website all about:

  • If you are an online store platform you can offer a discount voucher
  • If you promote online services you can offer a free ebook with relevant information about the benefits of the service
  • You can make promises to inform your audience about: promotions, events, contests
  • Or you can offer anything that answer specific needs to your website visitors.

All of these actions successfully attract leads.

Come back to us and we will provide you with an email marketing campaign.
You will start to communicate straight with your customers, and with interested people in your product or service.

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