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Your fans love to play. Do you have a Play button?

Your fans love to play. Do you have a Play button?

This playing thing is embraced at any age. Grown ups like to play, they don’t want to be so serious all the time and creative brands can approach more to their clients through playing.

Mobile game is a viral marketing tool which grown a lot in the past few years.
Through a game that is free to download you can easily send targeted marketing messages to your actual and potential customers in a funny way.

This way you became “accomplice” in playing with your serious audience.

At a marketing level, companies wish to have a better repositioning: More openness, a better human way and these things can be obtained by fructifying all the communication channels.

Given the fact that technology has advanced so much opening towards mobile game industry is one of the best ways of advertising in a more creative way, which involves the user and creates a better experience. And if the experience is gained in a funny way by the user, this is even greater.

This marketing tool is challenging for us because it means more creativity put together with a serious brand, sobriety and challenging clients and the goal to engage everyone in a gaming experience with benefits of brand image.

Obviously, the game needs to be customized for different type of brands and business activity.

We can make your fans to chase shopping baskets if your brand is representing a hypermarket, to chase mice if your business is deratization, to catch as many bottles of water as they can if your business offers bottled water. Creativity has no limits.

Take a peek to our recent mobile game release: http://creative-ones.com/english/create-2d-3d-games

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Jean says:

I’m using Chrome, so would be intrteseed to hear which tools you think help you with blogging. I use Feedly for keeping up with feeds and Clicky for blog stats – what else would you recommend?