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The first and most important step is Optimizing Your Site, which involves a series of specific actions:

  • Site optimization functionality;
  • Improved site visitor experience;
  • Correcting errors in site;
  • Attractiveness design, creation / modification banners;
  • Correct positioning of the elements of the site;
  • Traffic monitoring system and user behavior on the site;
  • Conversion tracking system on the site;
  • Training in business management efficiency of the site;
  • Create unique content, product reviews and testimonials;
  • Responsive web adaptation to new technology (smartphone and tablet);
  • Subscription price comparators (for online stores).
  • Quality content, unique and optimized;

Before carrying out any marketing activity (SEO, paid AdWords campaigns or other methods) it is essential to make sure that you manage to convert as many visitors into customers. Web promotion is giving expected results with the condition that the website is well done. In other words, the site will bring you more customers and increase turnover if well optimized and attractive for the customer and of course promoted online through several methods.After optimizing process has been completed, we can successfully focus on Online Marketing. Social networks are in Romania over 6.5 million unique visitors per day, representing the second largest source of potential clients by Google. Beng present on Social Networks will help to increase the number of visitors and have better visibility in the online environment. Thus it is very important to be present on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google Maps, Youtube. We can create for your social networking accounts that personalize them with profile picture and banners will redirect clients to tailor your website. To attract clients next step is to build paid AdWords and Facebook campaigns, which will redirect clients to your chosen site pages (landing pages). The benefit of paid campaign is that it produce immediate results (the landing page has to be well optimized) so you will be visible right where your customers are looking for products to support you. We designed a series of specific actions:

  • Creating an account of our agency affiliated with Google AdWords;
  • Making a professional AdWords campaigns to increase traffic and conversions on your website;
  • Integrating the conversion tracking;
  • Landing Pages (landing pages that give customers access to paid advertisements);
  • Making a Facebook campaign to benefit from the popularity of professional social media platform.

SEO Search Engine Optimization will help to promote your site online and have a website accessible and competitive. Visitors use keywords to find relevant search sites made. Depending on the positioning of the respective searches, traffic can turn into potential customers. Romanian monitoring sites (trafic.ro) specifies that “Google is” responsible “for over 97% of postings made on Romanian websites”. In other words, the online is a good way to do business and search engines and bring potential customers in times of crisis. SEO is to optimize positioning on top positions in Google searches relevant to a specific site and increase traffic. Other methods of online advertising:

  • ads paid sites specialized online and in the media;
  • Comments topic on blogs and forums; – Reviews specialized websites;
  • Send newsletter;
  • The occurrence of other advertising networks.
  • Online Promotion Now choose method that fits your business!