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Be online or don’t be at all!

Be online or don’t be at all!

In the past years if you had a TV commercial or a huge banner downtown it meant that you had a big marketing budget. Everybody saw the commercial, and remembered your brand, your product and afterwards they were searching for it in the store.

Today things are changed: the customer rigorously verify you through several filters.

If you show up in the customers face with an outdoor banner or a TV commercial they will “scan” you in online, analyse your website and the way that you communicate with your audience, they read previews, testimonials and only after a closer look and if you convince them, they will take the decision to come towards you.

The online environment runs along with technology development, the more phones become smartphones the more internet is browsed and the customer’s decision is based there.

To “browse” the internet became an insufficient expression. Now we are talking about a real journey that is happening, we have affection, experience, emotions….

Online tools keep up with trends. Online Marketing is more and more sophisticated.

Using Remarketing we can assist our website visitor from the intention of buying up to the decision of buying, and the best part is that we can observe his entire behaviour.

Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry.

Once a visitor left your website behind chances to come back are minimal.

Prin Remarketing ii re-amintesti de tine, ajungi din nou in fata lui, practic ai o noua sansa de a transforma un vizitator al site-ului tau in client.

Remarketing helps you to remember your website visitors of you, in this way you have another chance to obtain his attention and to transform it from visitor to client.

Remarketing is used through Google Adwords reaching around 85% of internet users.


  • Tracking ( You see exactly what ads work, you test and see the most efficient campaign )
  • You have full control over the budget ( you can easily choose your budget by seeing exactly what is working )
  • Promoting is efficient and will not be expensive

As a part of Creative Ones I am proud that we are a Google Partner and we are a leading Digital Marketing Company that delivers online marketing solutions tailored specifically for any type of business.

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