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Bring your website at Creative Ones!

Bring your website at Creative Ones!

If you have a website and do not know what to do with it or know what to do with it but not doing it, if you want the world to know about you in online if you want to be different from the competition and stay one step ahead of them if you want your online presence to generate profit, then is simple: come with your website to us!

To be more efficient we prepared specially for you maintenance packages to choose what it suits your needs.

This means that you are on our preferred list and we give you priority so that your website will be in a good and optimal condition.

What does a maintenance package service means?

A maintenance package is in the form of a monthly subscription based on which:

  • We host your website on our servers
  • We update your content ( text, images, videos )
  • We implement new functions on your website ( redesign your website, add new pages, update to the latest versions, we implement an administration panel, we will give you insights such as how many visitors access you website, what is the conversion rate, we implement a live chat, and we implement modules that will be useful for the website )
  • We monitor uptime
  • We backup your website periodical
  • We protect, we scan for unwanted malware, and we make your website safe and secure

It’s important to know that benefiting from a monthly subscription your needs are prioritized by us and we can intervene quickly.

In this way we offer you an assurance of the maintained website and you will have our full support through our experts for making your website optimised and get a better rank on search engines.

If you have an online shop this maintenance package is a valuable thing to have.

Ask right now for a web maintenance services offer! As a bonus you will receive for free an audit for your website to know where you stand.

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