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From Creative Ones Portfolio – Anvelomag.ro tires online store

From Creative Ones Portfolio – Anvelomag.ro tires online store

Anvelomag.ro it’s an online store that sells tires created and developed from the desire to offer clients a pleasant and efficient online experience when they want to buy tires.

The store is built from the idea of selling low budget and premium tires, from all kind of producers at competitive prices and to offer them special services.

We’re glad that Anvelomag is in Creative Ones portfolio because is one of the most appreciated tires online stores from Romania.

The fact that the key element from Anvelomag is professionalism and the quality information which makes easy the process of buying tires from their website could only lead to set the foundation for an excellent collaboration.

Anvelomag.ro is a website rebuilt by Creative Ones Team on user experience principle.

This means that we planned from the start to offer their users a unique and efficient experience without issues in their interaction with the website in searching and choosing the products from Anvelomag.ro.

Entire information structure, marketing tools and the design were oriented to obtain an easy and useful product. (website: anvelope anvelomag.ro).

Also, Anvelomag.ro website is hosted on one of the servers offered by Creative Ones, especially that the resources of this website requires extra attention mainly when feeds are automatically uploaded with products that update the stock and also the price of tires.

The website is benefiting from a series of optimization – seasonal products are intensely optimised in the website to sell them to specific targeted clients.

Moreover, the website is optimized for Google, not just for the campaigns in Google Adwords which the company is doing on a regular basis, but also is redesign it in an optimal way by Creative Ones Team.

Anvelomag.ro was made from the start as an online store – user friendly – sometimes it can be very hard for a person with little to no experience in this field to choose the right tires, that’s why filters were implement to helpe the user to find the desired product easy.

Filters and Homepage are user friendly they contain different recommendations and active promotions which have the purpose for an easy way to buy the product.
Because Anvelomag.ro desired an approach which is to be closer to their clients, a live chat support was implemented inside the website by Creative Ones Team – Support Anvelomag Live – the chat enables you as a client to discuss live with a commercial representative.

Newsletter is also a marketing tool which contributes to the building and consolidation of the relationship with the client database. Through newsletter the company aims to send promotions for tires, wheels, summer, winter and all season tires, also news about different car brands and car tires.

We invite you to check the link of Anvelomag, where you can see more information about tires.

It’s important for you to know when is good to change and to check your tires to be ensured that your driving experience is safe.

The last thing for you to do now is to enjoy your rides with your friends.


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