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A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words

We asked 100 people how a picture should be to convince them to buy the product from that picture.

The Answers are on our taste because it highlights exactly what we aim for when we offer to our customers a professional photographer shooting of their product..

People want to see in a product photo the following:

  • Important details captured by camera lens
  • Textures and surfaces that reproduce true reality
  • The product is highlighted by being placed on a background and this helps the client to decide into buying the product
  • Shapes and features captured accurately by the camera lens
  • They want to see the exact product not a copy paste picture from another website
  • They want to be convinced about the fact that the picture is the real thing to trust the brand

Don’t forget! Pictures make the difference between websites!

The higher quality pictures have the more your website will be convincing and the conversion rate will increase from visitors to customers.

Work with professionals especially when you have an online store or something to sell!

It’s all about the image that your brand is projecting to the world.

To convince yourself that we take the best product pictures take a look here: Product Photo Shooting

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I’m so glad that the inrnetet allows free info like this!