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Take a look at these numbers! Don’t they make you think?

Take a look at these numbers!  Don’t they make you think?

It’s time to have the best website with the most successful content and most effective advertising..

We start with a conclusion: Online is King!

In Romania 4 out of 10 clients are already digital consumers.
On the other side from 10 online consumers in Romania only 6 get informed online but they buy from the physical store, and only 3 buy from online store after they are carefully informed also from the local store.

Buying decision is taken by the consumer only after a verification of the info regarding the particular product or service and is made from multiple resources and at least checked from 2 devices. Price has the most influence in decision buying from online store.

Buying experience has now an omnichannel dimension.
Because consumers coming up to 60% in their buying decision thru different steps made online, is better that the information they find here to be the same as in the local store or on other communication channels.

The difference is made when customers receive excellent assistance after buying.
Digital consumers are involved and they are not easy to pleased. Access to information makes them to request and use equally both sales and customer support departments.

Content Marketing.
Online environment is the most used source of information by users between 20 – 35 year old from Romania, to search for desired product or service ( 27 % for services and 32 % for products reviewed).
Majority of questioned respondents from EY study “ Using mobile devices in Romania” say that the information found in online environment is useful or very useful ( 61 % for products and 52% for services ) On the other side information is also considered increasingly useless for services compared with products.

Social Media Marketing.
General trend regarding the fields used for social networking within companies from Romania it’s maintaining, main usage remains in marketing and communication. We see an increases of 3-5% in recruitment, customer service, and research of their needs.
Notoriety and exposure in the company’s market remains the most important benefits of using social networks.
54% of respondents talk about generating sales opportunities, this represents a significantly increase from 2013.
More than half of companies respondents appreciate the loyalty of their customers by using social networks.

Mobile marketing: It’s all about screen size not just about devices
If 87% of EY study respondents “ Using mobile devices in Romania” said that they have a smartphone and 58 % said that they have a tablet, only 28% of respondents said that they have another mobile phone and not so many have mobile devices such as phablet’s ( 5% ), fitness bracelet ( 4% ) or smartwatch ( 4% )
Depending on the frequency of using mobile devices, respondents said that the most used are: smartphone, tablet, and mobile phone.

45% of mobile users use between 8 and 10 apps, 21 % use between 5 and 8 apps and 33 % use between 3 to 5 apps.
66 % from respondents use business apps, 60 % photo video apps, 46 % music and entertainment apps, and the lowest apps used are from categories like lifestyle ( 28 % ), health and fitness (25%) and sport (17%).

In the top for benefits among the six listed, top three regarding the use of mobile devices in perception of respondents are: mobility, accessibility, connectivity.

Video marketing: from promises to results
37% of respondents said that they watch video content 1-5 per week 21% over 15 content video / weekly, 19% watch video content between 6 and 10, while only 14% of respondents don’t watch any video content weekly.
Studies estimate global annual growth of video traffic annual 55% by 2020, driven by video streaming services and including more and more video content in media and advertising space.

Source: study EY Romania “Using mobile devices in Romania”

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