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The day doesn’t begin with a coffee, it begins with your smartphone

The day doesn’t begin with a coffee, it begins with your smartphone

How do you feel when you forget your phone at home?
Isn’t that right that you feel like if in that day there is going to happen the biggest tragedy and you can’t call anybody?
Or maybe you feel like you left the house forgetting to put the shoes or clothes on?

Somehow is sad that we are in a point where we are addicted to an object but this is where the technology course brought us together with the benefits of having: a fast possibility to connect with each other or to access the wanted information whenever we want.

Like Google said in a study in 2015 that we are Homo Smartphonicus.

Almost 60% of Romania internet users access the online information directly from their phone.
And in the same time also 60% of them they do that in the morning before leaving the house.
30% check their phone immediately after waking up.

How I said, the day starts with the smartphone and not anymore with the coffee.
And of course how we start we continue all day. With the phone .
43% say that are using the smartphones during the day in other ways than to call.
47% say that they are checking their smartphones a few times in a day.
42% say that they always keep their phone close .

The apps are very important for Homo Smartphonicus. The same for Web design.
In the top are text messages 84 %,  facebook app 64% , email 59% communication apps (skype or whatsapp 52%) and games 22%.

Not even when they go to bed, the romanian people don’t leave their smartphones, 51% use them as an insomnia treatment. And of course, instead of putting the clock alarm to wake them up in the morning, they use the phones .

So in a business what’s important to do after reading this study results?
The conclusion:

  • To be online
  • To be SEO optimised
  • To have a mobile responsive website
  • To have online marketing campaigns
  • To create their own mobile app.

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Nevaeh says:

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Kory says:

Just a smiling visitant here to share the love :, btw great style and design . ??The woere-tsmptred people I??ve ever met were the people who knew they were wrong.?? by Wilson Mizner.